High-Performance Solutions

Twischat app provides you high-performance-solution,Experiments The application will be tested on a test group to improve the usability quality based on the user’s feedback


Teleconferencing or Chatting, is a method of using technology to bring people and ideas together despite of the geographical barriers....


The previous work of this already exists. The similar application can be found on the project either Android market. This project ...

Non Functional Requirements

1. Privacy :- Messages shared between users should be encrypted to maintain privacy.
2. Robustness...

Tools & Technology

Our technical team master a comprehensive set of tools and technologies during project development. A topic-oriented structure is provided below...

Software Risk Issues

There is several risk issues recognized which can have direct impact on the Chat Application and need to be handled carefully.
1. Database...


User must be able to register for the application through a valid phone number. On installing the application, user must be prompted to register their phone number....


Why Choose Us

Twish Chat is so simple you already know how to use it,Twish Chat messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct,Twish Chat lets you access your chats from multiple devices.

  • Login with Mobile Number
  • Mobile number and username also required to connect other person
  • HD Video Calling
  • Full Privacy Protection of your data
  • TwishChat is a user-friendly Indian chatting app.
  • TwishChat is a free chatting and video application.
  • You can send and receive photos, videos, documents and voice messages to your contacts.
  • You can enjoy the calls with good quality calling that too for free.
  • You can use this app for conference calls related to your business or for family celebrations.
  • TwishChat is an Indian chatting app but you can download it from anywhere from Android Play Store.
  • You can Download in 151 Country.
  • No charges for making international calls.
  • TwishChat doesn’t require your username and password every time you log in.
  • TwishChat is an Indian Chatting Application that works seamlessly with your phone directly
  • Twishchat is a chatting application that offers you 24×7 support even when any rare disturbance occurs.
  • TwishChat is a free Indian Video Calling and Chatting application and it provides tons of features which make it extraordinary.
  • No charges for making international calls.
Know Details

TwishChat security Satistics Graph

TwishChat is a free chatting and video application which provide audio clarity which is par excellence. It uses your phone’s internet connection which can be 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi.

TwishChat is an Indian chatting app but you can download it from anywhere from Android Play Store. You can send video, text, doc, music, voice message from any place all around the world. It has no charges for making international calls.

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