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  • How do I backup, restore or transfer my TwishChat Application data?

    You can back up your TwishChat App data using Google Drive or a local backup. Local backups will be automatically created every week at 2am and they will be saved as a file in your phone.

  • Why can’t I connect to TwishChat App?

    Restart your phone, or turn it off and on.

  • Why are my incoming messages delayed?

    Make sure your phone has Internet connection Make sure background data is not restricted.

  • How I Installing TwishChat App?

    Step 1. Please follow this link. It will navigate you to Google Play where you can tap Install to start downloading the app. .
    Step 2. Link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.twishchat
    Step 3. Open TwishChat App and continue to the next screen by agreeing to our Terms of Service.
    Step 4. Verify your phone number.
    Step 5. If a backup of your chat history was found and you would like to restore it, choose Restore.
    Step 6. Learn more about restoring here. Lastly, type in your name.
    Step 7. You can also change this later in TwishChat App by going to Menu Button then Profile.

  • How do I fix the Task Manager error?

    There are two main problems caused by 3rd party task managers (also called task killers).

    They can temporarily disable TwishChat App. This causes TwishChat App to disconnect and reconnect to our server, which drains the battery of your phone and uses unnecessary amounts of data.

    If they close Twish Chat App, our server has no way of knowing that the connection has been closed. As a result, message delivery might be delayed..

  • When I travel abroad, will I be charged for data roaming?

    TwishChat App Messenger uses the same Internet data plan as web browsing and email on your phone.

    If using your cellular data while roaming will normally result in additional charges, you may be charged extra by your mobile provider for using TwishChat App while roaming. Contact your wireless carrier for details about international roaming countries, SIMs, rates, and policies.

    If you do not have an international data plan, we suggest you turn off data roaming to avoid data roaming charges.

  • Where can I find my contacts?

    Open Twish Chat App and go to the Contacts tab.

  • How do I change my profile photo, name, about and status?

    Go to Twish Chat App then Menu Button then Profile.

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